Our philosophy is transparency on all engagements.  We seek to avoid misunderstandings and surprises by:

  • Clearly defining the scope of our work.
  • Agreeing fees upfront with no hidden extras.
  • Adopting a holistic approach so we fully understand your circumstances before we advise.

We approach all prospective clients in a similar way, by investing up-front time to ensure clients are comfortable with us, and to ensure we understand our client’s requirements.  The typical process is:

  • A short complimentary interview where we gather basic details and start to understand our client’s needs.
  • An initial meeting, where we:
    • explain how our firm operates.
    • listen to our client’s requirements, and ask questions to flesh out potential issues.
    • share some initial ideas.
    • request relevant documents (e.g. previous tax returns, financial statements).
  • Following further analysis, we schedule a second meeting where we:
    • re-cap our understanding of the client’s need.
    • demonstrate areas where we believe we can add value.
    • present an engagement proposal.
  • With an agreed engagement, we schedule our expert staff on your project.
  • If the engagement is expanded, we work with our clients to agree a “change order” request.
  • As an engagement is concluding, we meet with our clients either in person or remotely, to discuss outcomes, results, expectations and next steps.

We strive to provide clients with an accurate estimate of fees before we are engaged. We believe clients benefit from a “known professional services” budget with no surprises.